03/2014 Industrial Report : 342 Industrial News
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03/2014 Industrial Report

by George Kikes (eff 1/15/16) on 08/22/14

Shell Turnaround

PMI has 30 Local 342 hands finishing up and should be done this week. There were very difficult circumstances to work under. Non-Union had the majority of the shutdown, but Shell is looking at all aspects of the work (i.e. absenteeism, pro-duction, quality, compat-ability with others, etc.). Hopefully, Shell was imp-ressed enough to feed some more work our way.

Shell Crude Tank Project

PMI has 8 Local 342 members currently on site.  Material issues have PMI’s hands tied as to when they can man-up. This job will peak at approximately 40 UA members working 4-10s. Contra Costa Electric has the E&I package, but is nowhere close to putting anyone on.


Harder has 50 Local 342 members onsite and is hiring up a few more for the shutdown and various maintenance projects being thrown their way. Newtron has 15 Local 342 members working with Chevron on maintenance troubleshooting and upgrades to their system. Contra Costa Electric has 6 Instrument Techs working a turnaround.

Phillips 66

PMI has 6 Local 342 members performing ongoing maintenance on this site.  Contra Costa Electric has 2 members on E&I main-tenance.


Local 290 (Portland, OR) They are still taking travel cards for an expected ramp up at the end of the month.

Local 150 (Augusta, GA) They are in need of welders for various projects. The wage rate is $28.02/hr. No felonies, probation, or parole.

Local 760 (Muscle Shoals, AL) They are currently hiring welders for 7-12s. The wage rate is $28.01/hr.


Oakley Generating Station: The 1st District Court of Appeals rules that the PUC’s decision to approve the plant was not supported by substantial evidence. PG&E vows to continue to pursue.

WesPac Pittsburg:  The City of Pittsburg is recirculating the EIR which addresses an 11 page letter from the Attorney General’s office. WesPac is looking at options on how to proceed.

Phillips 66 LPG ProjectThe Contra Costa Board of Supervisors put off a decision until their April 1st meeting so that the County can gather more information satisfying BAAQMD.  If this job goes and gets approval, it could get going  some time in late summer/early fall with up to 100 UA hands.

Chevron RenewalThis project will not happen until City Council changes are made. We are talking with Chevron and the Building Trades Council to get more work on Maintenance and Turnaround with implementation of SB-54.

Tesoro RefineryWe met with Cherne in late February to discuss a possible wharf project for some time next year at the Tesoro Refinery.