05/2014 Industrial Report : 342 Industrial News
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05/2014 Industrial Report

by George Kikes (eff 1/15/16) on 08/22/14

I would like to remind members to update your TWIC and RSO, BATT, or DSOP cards and come in to register them at the front desk of the Business Office.  While there is not a lot of work right now, we are anticipating a large work load in the future.  Also, with the implementation of SB-54, many refineries are aware of the opportunities we, as organized labor, are going to have in performing more work in their facilities.  We want to be prepared to field any requests for manpower they may have. So be sure to give us your updated cards!


PMI has 10 Local 342 members on site.  This job will peak at approximately 40 UA members working 4-10s.


PMI has 8 Local 342 members working on a small capital project which was basically given to them after an outstanding performance on an earlier shutdown.  This is exactly what we need to do to show the refineries that we can work safely, efficiently, and without issues.


PMI still has 12 Local 342 members performing maintenance and capital projects as they arise.


Harder Mechanical has 65 Local 342 members onsite performing maintenance and various capital projects.  Again this is the most manpower we have had on Maintenance and it is due to our members performing at the level that has made us what we are, true piping professionals, the best in the world.

Contra Costa Electric completed their portion of a turnaround with success.  Thanks to all who made this happen. 

Newtron continues to employ 11 Local 342 members on Instrument Main-tenance and upgrades thoughout the refinery.

ARB has 6 Local 342 members working on a tank piping job and will peak at 10 UA members.

PMI picked up a tank piping job right above the previously mentioned one, but has not informed us of the manpower needs as of yet.


Goebel Mechanical, a newly signed contractor, has a tug fueling piping job and will employ approximately 6-8 members.


Portland, Oregon – Local 290 is still accepting travel cards and is in the process of ramping up at their Intel Project.

There are other opportunities around the country for UA members, but the majority of calls are for combination welders and very few for pipefitters.