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08/2014 Industrial Report

by George Kikes (eff 1/15/16) on 08/22/14

Things are still a bit slow on the industrial end, with 3 refinery projects still in various permitting stages:

·  The Chevron Renewal Project EIR is scheduled to go before the Richmond City Council.

·  The Phillips 66 EIR is in the hands of the Contra Costa Planning Commission.

·  The Shell Greenhouse Gas Project has just begun the permitting process and an EIR is upcoming.

With that being said, our members need to have current TWIC and RSO, BAT, or DSOP certifications to work in these facilities when work does break.  When you get these certifications, it is extremely important to register them with the Business Office for tracking purposes and ease in dispatching.


Many of our members have been asking about SB-54 and what it does for us.  SB-54 provides that prevailing wages be paid for the particular crafts, apprentices must be registered in an approved apprenticeship program, and by 2016 that 60% of a company’s Journeyman workforce must be graduates of an approved apprenticeship program. This does not apply to contracts awarded prior to January 1, 2014.

This phase-in period consists of the following percentages of journeymen per contractor: 30% by January 1, 2014; 45% by January 1, 2015; and 60% by January 1, 2016.

This bill addresses the work performed at refineries and imposes new duties upon local agencies for enforcement.

Hopefully, this clarifies any questions you may have. We will have copies of the bill at the front desk of the Business Office and at the Union Meeting.


Harder has 65 UA 342 members performing maintenance and small capital projects.  Manpower fluctuates as work goes. Goebel Mechanical has 22 UA 342 members performing various maintenance projects manpower fluctuates also. Newtron continues to employ 15 UA 342 members for upgrading and maintaining the instrumentation at the refinery. ARB has a tank job that is currently employing 10 members and is peaked out. PMI also has a tank job that has started and has peaked out at 8 UA 342 members.

Shell Crude Tank Project

PMI has peaked out at 39 UA 342 members and is going very well as the general contractor, Jacobs, is track-ing this job for production, safety, and over all performance. PMI is completing their contracted maintenance work and has 4 UA 342 members performing this. No new work has been awarded to them at this time. Contra Costa Electric has 1 342 member installing instruments when needed on the Crude Tank Replacement Project.  Their scope is not huge and will be able to man it in-house.

Phillips 66

PMI still has 12 Local 342 members performing maintenance and small capital projects. Manpower fluctuates as needed.  


Local 773 (Glenfalls, NY) They have a chip plant and are looking for orbital welders and tool hook-up/tubing benders.

Local 290 (Portland, OR) They have slowed down, but are still in need of orbital welders who can operate the 227-machine.

Sister Locals Around the Bay Area is still moderately slow, with some projects finally starting and putting their local hands to work first.  We have great relationships with our sister locals and I am sure they will reach out to us for manpower when it is needed. Please do not call these other locals as we work on an agent-to-agent basis. As always, we ask that you respect other locals as you would expect the same in ours.