11/2013 Industrial Report : 342 Industrial News
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11/2013 Industrial Report

by George Kikes (eff 1/15/16) on 11/01/13

Industrial work is slowly increasing and to work at refineries you need a current TWIC and either RSO, BATT, or DSOP card.  Many members have still not brought a copy of their cards into the Business Office to be logged into the system as was requested in a previous post card sent to the membership. If you have the current certs and have not updated the office, please do so as work will pick up at the refining plants.


Russell City Energy Center

PMI has six 342 members currently on site performing change order work and warranty items.


Shell Refinery

PMI has the Crude Tank Piping Project at Shell Refinery.  Currently, there is one 342 member on site.  This job will peak at approximately 45 UA members.  It will be on a 4-10 schedule and last approximately 10 to 12 months.


PMI also has a turnaround coming up in January at this facility and will employ up to 30-35 UA members at peak for 30 days. They will begin pre-turnaround work in early November and will use about 8-10 UA members.


Tesoro Refinery

As of this report, Contra Costa Electric has 10 UA members working on the Cat Cracker Turnaround.

Chevron Richmond Refinery

Harder has 12 342 members working maintenance and preparing for a turnaround in the TKN Unit in January. 


Newtron has 12 UA members performing maintenance on Instrumentation.

Phillips 66 Refinery

Harder Mechanical has two phases of work for the Hydrogen Recovery Project.  Phase-1 currently has eight 342 members working and plans to peak at approximately 12 UA members.  Phase-2 has nine UA 342 members currently working and plans to peak at approximately 25 UA members.  Phase-1 is scheduled to complete by mid to late December and Phase-2 is scheduled to be completed by the beginning of 2014.

PMI still has a small crew performing maintenance.

Phillips 66 Tank Terminal – Pt. Richmond

Harder has also picked up the Storm Water Segregation Project at the Tank Terminal in Pt. Richmond.  They currently have one UA member on site and will employ a small crew of about 4-6 UA members at peak.

Oakley Generating Station

We are still awaiting an appeals court decision for this project to proceed.


The Pittsburg Planning Commission is scheduled to meet in November to decide the fate of this project.


Local 290 (Portland, OR) has still been dispatching travelers to various sites in Oregon and Northwestern California.  Intel is the largest of these projects, but to work at this facility you must complete the High Tech Culture class offered by their local to qualify to work there.

Again, our Sister Locals in the Bay Area are still slow, but hope to get busier soon.