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01/2014 Industrial Report

by George Kikes (eff 1/15/16) on 01/17/14

Industrial Work has picked up in the refineries.  Remember, to work in any of these facilities you need to have a current TWIC card plus a current BATT, RSO, or DSOP card.  Safety toe boots are now required in all refineries.  We still have a need to have our members acquire the necessary cards and bring them to the office to be recorded into the 342 database.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday season! We would like to thank the 342 members who have volunteered their time into assisting the food banks of both Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.  Your generosity in donating your time and effort provides for food to be distributed to the people of these two counties who are desperately in need.  We would especially like to recognize Dave Herwatt and Gary Bonetti for organizing these efforts.

 Russell City Energy Center - PMI currently has six 342 members performing change order work and warranty items.  They are currently rebuilding a row water filtering system and may add 1-2 more hands.

 Tesoro RefineryContra Costa Electric has completed the instrument portion of the cat cracker turnaround and does not have any 342 members on site.  We would like to thank the members who worked this job to make the union portion a success on this turn-around.

 Shell RefineryPMI has approximately six Local 342 members performing maintenance at the Shell Chemical Facility on an ongoing basis.

The Crude Tank Piping Project has two local members currently working this project.  They will peak at approximately 45 UA members.  They are hoping to begin hiring a small crew in late December – early January.

2014 Turnaround – PMI has 10 Local members currently performing fabrication and preparing for the January turn-around. This job will peak at approximately 30-35 UA members.

 Phillips 66 RefineryPMI still has eight Local 342 members performing ongoing maintenance.

Harder Mechanical Phase 1 of the Hydrogen Recovery Project has peaked out at 12 UA members and is scheduled to be complete around the 3rd to 4th week of December.  Phase 2 has 36 UA members currently working and just about peaked out.  This phase is scheduled to be complete by January 1, 2014. 

Contra Costa Electric has 2 UA members performing Instrument work at this refinery.

  Phillips 66 Tank Terminal, Pt. RichmondHarder Mechanical has five UA 342 members working on the storm water segregation project and may pick up 1-2 more hands.

  Chevron RefineryNewtron has 12 UA 342 members currently working with the Chevron Instrument group on an ongoing basis updating and trouble-shooting their equipment.

Harder Mechanical has 26 UA 342 members working maintenance and preparing for a shutdown in the TKN Unit in January.  They may increase in manpower by 3-4 members and may go higher if their work scope increases.

   Travel Card WorkLocal 290 (Portland, OR) had a lull in the Intel Project, but are hopefully going to pick up again by the New Year.


Oakley Generating Station1st District Court of Appeals has agreed to review the proposed project once again pushing this further back.  There is no estimated time frame for when this project will begin.

West Pac: The Pittsburg Planning Commission is scheduled to meet in January on this project.  We need a good turnout at this meeting as the opposition to this project is strong and very well organized.  I will update you as I gather more information as to a time and place of the meeting. We will post this information on the website (www.ua342.com) once it is available.

Phillips 66 Refinery - Propane Recovery ProjectThe Contra Costa Planning Commission voted 5-0 in favor of the project and to send it to the Board of Supervisors.  We would like to thank the Local 342 members who showed up in strong numbers to the Planning Commission meeting.  This project will hopefully take off sometime in the summer of 2014.