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342 Industrial News

10/2013 Industrial Report

by George Kikes (eff 1/15/16) on 11/01/13

I would like to start off by thanking all of the members who volunteered their time to lobby in Sacramento for Senate Bill 54.  This bill was passed by the Assembly 51-24 and by the Senate 26-11. This important legislation will open more opportunities in the refineries for our members performing shut-downs and maintenance.  For more information on Senate Bill 54, you can visit the California State Senate web page at senate.ca.gov and click on “Search Bill Information” under Quick Links.


Our Local 342 volunteers met and visited both Democrat and Republican Senators and Assemblypersons.  Though some did not agree with us, the majority at least listened to what we had to say. The United Steelworkers have filed a lawsuit on the Building Trades and the Bill must still be approved by the Governor, so there is still a battle going on to implement this Bill to make it law.  With that said, work is still slow on the industrial side, but we are picking up small jobs and projects around the refineries.


Russell City Energy Center

Bechtel has laid off all of the remaining UA hands. PMI has taken over completing the project and change order work.  There are six 342 members currently on site.


Shell Refinery

The tank job was finally awarded with the mechanical package going to PMI.  This job will take 10 to 35 people at various times during construction.  Sometime in October they are hoping to have a crew of UA Local 342 members on site.  The I&E package went to Contra Costa Electric and, as of this writing, they have not informed us of manpower needs for the project.


Tesoro Refinery

Contra Costa Electric has the I&E package for a turnaround in the Cat Cracker and plans to employ approximately seven Instrument Techs and three to four Instrument Fitters.  Unfortunately, the bulk of the turnaround is going to be performed non-union.

Phillips Refinery

Harder has been awarded a project at this refinery with two phases of work.  They hope to have UA members on site sometime in October.  PMI still has a small crew performing maintenance.

Chevron Richmond Refinery

Newtron has 12 UA members working instrument maintenance. Harder still has six UA members performing maintenance work and small capital projects.  There is still no permit to restart the Renewal Project from the City of Richmond.

Oakley Generating Station

We are still awaiting an appeals court decision for this project to proceed.


Public comments were made on the revised EIR to the Pittsburg Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission is scheduled to meet again in November to decide whether to approve the project.


Local 290 (Portland, OR) has been steadily dispatching travelers to various projects around Oregon and North-west California.  If you are interested in working the Intel Project you must take the High Tech Culture Class offered by their Local before they will dispatch you to Intel.

Our Sister Locals in the Bay Area are also experiencing sluggish workloads, so opportunities to travel to them has been very limited. 

Local 342 Volunteers!

by George Kikes (eff 1/15/16) on 08/21/13

The Business Office and rank and file would like to recognize some of our members for taking time out of their lives to volunteer at the Contra Costa Food Bank.  Not only is it self-fulfilling, it puts a positive view in the eyes of the public when Local 342 gives back to the community.  Dave Herwat set up this event and is planning another one soon.  More info will follow.

August 2013 Report

by George Kikes (eff 1/15/16) on 08/21/13


A Project Labor Agreement under the NMA has been signed with Chevron and the Building Trades Council for the renewal project.  With the help of labor, Chevron is hopeful to get permits approved. We will be calling on our members to attend the Richmond City Council Meeting when this agenda item comes up.  Harder still has eight UA members performing maintenance at this facility.


Phillips has a Propane Recovery Project on the books and has begun the EIR process for permits.  This job is still 8-10 months away if all the permits and reports get approved.  It is approximately a yearlong project for up to 80 UA members.  We still have a small crew with PMI per-forming maintenance. 

Oakley Power Generating Station

As many of you may have read or heard on the news, Radback and the environmental groups opposed to this project have come to an agreement.  While it looks favorable, there is still a ways to go.  It must still go to the appeals court for a decision.  We are projecting a late 2013/early 2014 start.

Russell City Energy Center

The STG piping is comp-leted. Commissioning and start-up activities are now in progress.  Bechtel has 50 UA members on days and eight UA members on nights.  The project scope work should be completed within a month.  PMI has 10 UA members performing change order and extra work on this site.


The tank job at Shell Refinery went back out to bid for the 3rd time and has not been awarded as of the printing of this newsletter.


This project at the NRG Pittsburg Plant is still tied up in an EIR Battle with another developer.  Com-munication is still open and dialogue is occurring.


Local 140 (Salt Lake City, UT) is in need of Welders and Fitters who possess a BATT or RSO card and a TWIC card for a Chevron Refinery job.  We have approximately five 342 members currently working at this job.  The scale is $29.37 and they are working 6-10s.

Local 290 (Portland, OR) has begun to put travellers to work. We have approximately eight Local 342 members working at the moment and another eight on the list.  Remember, Local 290 covers the whole state of Oregon and Northwest portion of CA.  Intel is not the only job they are trying to man, but it is the largest.

Local 469 (Phoenix, AZ) is still looking for Orbital Welders.  The scale is $35.50 per hour and they are working 5-10s.

Local 520 (Harrisburg, PA) is in need of 200 Welders for a 40-day turnaround.  The scale is $33.22 per hour and they are working 6-10s.

Our sister Bay Area locals are also experiencing a lull in Pipefitter and Welder opportunities, but have assured us when work picks up they will call us.



342 Industrial News Coming Soon!

by George Kikes (eff 1/15/16) on 05/30/13

Come back soon for news and information from the industrial sector.